Do You Always Read Reviews Before You Buy? Here Are 14 People Who Wish They Did Too

Photo Credit: Reddit

I’m usually diligent researching items online before I buy something. It’s obnoxious, really. Sometimes, though, I’m in a hurry and I just click, click, click and hope for the best. Often it works out, but sometimes…

Here are 14 poor souls who wish they’d looked at what they were buying a little more carefully:

1. I hope he can get a refund


2. That’s not how you spell it

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. No comment


4. Purrfect!

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Such an understanding doggo

6. That’s an upscale dish towel

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Well, they’re cute


8. Sad panda

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. Perfect for mice

10. This is horrifying


11. That looks cozy


12. Maybe they define “romper” differently?

13. Don’t order this chair

14. Seriously, don’t order it

So, now you know. Already read the details (especially the product dimensions).