Do You Love Cannolis? How About 50? Meet the Bazooka!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Italy is known for its wonderful cuisine, including pasta, desserts, and of course, coffee! Cannolis are also popular in the United States thanks to Italian immigration.

Italian-American neighborhoods have truly preserved the recipes of their ancestors’ home country! But Italians have also made their mark on Australian culture.

Sydney-based Pasticceria Caruso created the ultimate treat for cannoli and pastry lovers. Meet the Bazooka!


What is the Bazooka? It’s not just one cannoli, it’s 50 cannoli in one! It’s basically a cannoli-ception!


The bakery first showed off their creation at a Barilla Pasta convention in Australia, but it’s clear the public loved it too.


The bakery even gave cannoli-making classes, and it’s clear their instructors were happy with their day’s work.


According to Pasticceria Caruso, their bazooka cannoli broke a Guinness world record!

But they still make individual cannolis for those who don’t need as much sweetness in their lives.


They’ve even put together a cannoli survival kit for those who might need it!


The kit even has an accompanying video, because you never know when you might have a cannoli emergency!

And yes, they obviously also make their cannoli in different flavors!


But of course, the Australian bakery is proud to continue evolving its cannoli-making methods.


The world still remembers their creation, and the Bazookas look like they’re here to stay.


What did you think of this innovative take on the classic Italian pastry?

Would you ever order a Bazooka for yourself or your loved ones? We’d love to know why or why not!