Do You Still Watch Movies With Closed Captions Even Though You Can Hear Perfectly Fine? Here’s What People Said.

I have pretty strict rules about this…

If I’m watching a movie or TV show that is from the UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. and the accents are thick, I’m definitely gonna watch it with subtitles so I don’t miss out on anything.

Those little tidbits are important!

And, of course, I watch foreign stuff with subtitles, because anything dubbed is just terrible.

But, if it’s an American movie or TV show…I just let it roll, baby!

Do you watch movies with closed captions even though your hearing is perfectly fine?

Let’s see what people on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Just leave ’em on.

“If the captions are on I physically can’t stop myself from reading them.

But if they’re not on sometimes I can’t hear what’s being said if a family member walks into the room and starts yammering without giving me time to pause the show.”

2. Don’t want to deal with others.

“I personally put them on so I do not have to raise the volume in order to deal with other people in the same house or room. After a while, it becomes a shouting match.

When I learned this as a kid, even then I thought it was f**king ridiculous. That’s why, if anyone complains about closed captions, I really don’t give a f**k in my own place. It’s not for your “oh, look at the kitty” a** every 0.2 seconds new words come onto the screen.

It’s there so no one is yelling and no complaints from neighbors when watching tv past midnight.”

3. Can’t do it anymore.

“I had to stop turning them on.

I would miss things happening because my eyes would be glued to the bottom third of the screen.

Actually watching what is going on, I’ve found, is much better for my experience.”

4. Better with experience.

“Are you a big reader IRL?

I read a ton and I’ve found that I can read the subtitles from my periphery vision while focusing on the main scene.”

5. What did they say?

“That’s a bit of a trope in superhero and sci-fi movies.

You often hear a news report at the beginning that sets the tone of the movie, but it’s not always loud enough to be understood without subtitles.”

6. Me, too.

“I like them because I notice running themes I might not have without them.

I was watching an episode of a show called Inside Number 9 a few weeks ago with subtitles on, and there’s a song that is played a couple of times throughout the episode, quiet subtly sometimes in the background, it’s the second time I’d watched the episode and hadn’t noticed it recurring the first time.”

7. There you go!

“The fully subtitled LOTR was amazing when I saw it the first time.

Seeing the translation of every single non-english thing that was written or sung was really cool.”

8. No loud noises, please.

“I h**e loudness (it causes me physical discomfort – I wear ear plugs on the rare occasion that I got to a movie theatre) so I prefer to keep my TV pretty quiet and turn on the captions.

I can still hear it, I just sometimes miss strange words or whispering or accented voices.”

9. Good to know.

“Music producer here.

Movie sound is mixed and mastered so that it sounds perfect in the theaters, and trying to make all the sounds in a movie balanced and audible on every sound system is a nightmare.

Its very difficult, so audio engineers focus on making the movie sound as good as possible on the high-end speakers, as it should be (in a movie theatre, home cinema itd).”

10. Too many mistakes.

“It used to be really helpful for seeing lyrics in music used for TV shows.

But since 2019 and moving to Prime then Disney+ I’ve noticed all subtitles on all shows mistake words like every sentence. Quality has gone to the dog’s for some reason.

A lot, like a lot of words are skipped or replaced or phonetically close but the wrong thing.”

11. Helps a lot.

“I started watching subtitles on Peaky Blinders because the English accents are so thick I couldn’t understand alot of what they said.

And now I just really like it, I never miss a word of dialog.”

12. Don’t miss a thing.

“I like having the subtitles on in case I miss dialogue.

When a scene goes from loud to the actors whispering I’m constantly riding the remote, so subtitles help.

I can keep the volume consistent and not wake the entire house.”

Do you watch movies and TV shows with closed captions even though your hearing is fine?

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