Doctors and Nurses Are Posting Photos and Videos on Social Media Showing Masks Really Work

It’s no secret that masks have become quite a controversial topic in recent months. Some people believe that being required to wear a mask isn’t all that effective and, instead, simply takes away their liberties. Other people, including most doctors and health professionals, say that masks can help keep people safe during the pandemic.

Doctors and nurses are even taking to social media to share photos and videos proving that masks don’t cause the wearer any harm and can actually help prevent the spread or transmission of illness.

Here’s an experiment showing just how much bacteria spews out of your mouth when you talk, laugh, sneeze or cough. When you wear a mask, however, those little droplets of scum don’t spread as far as fast. Just look at the difference between these two culture plates in the lab — wow:

The same microbiologist next showed the difference in bacterial growth when he stood varying distances away from the culture plates, with and without a mask on. The results are striking:

Here’s a doctor showing that wearing a mask — no matter what kind — does not restrict your access to oxygen.

Other doctors used humor to inspire and encourage people to wear masks:

Others made some witty medicine and science statements online:

No matter how you feel about masks, I think we can all agree that doctors, nurses, EMTs and other medical professionals should get a round of applause (and a raise!) for all of their hard work during the pandemic. Where would we be without them?

What do you think about wearing masks? Even better, how do you feel about the debate surrounding masks? Where do you stand?

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