Doctor’s Post Explains What You Need to Know About N95 Masks

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Yes, covering coronavirus 24/7 seems like overkill, but there are some good people out there doing awesome work to make sure we all stay safe.

By now, you may have seen memes, videos, and other social media posts about how to prevent getting sick.

Leora Horwitz is a medical professional who took it upon herself to share what she knows about N95 masks. Horwitz began with how to make sure you can use them correctly.

An easy test follows.

The test then gets more interesting.

There’s also a reading portion in this exam.

Then, she must remove the mask properly.

And once again, she has to conduct the test in a different way.

It’s also possible to mess things up if you don’t know how to properly remove the mask.

Non-medical folks are also discouraged from buying these for an important reason.

Heed her warning!

If you’re not sick, these masks can’t help you.

Here’s what these masks are truly for, and who they’re truly for.

She also explained that even those in the medical community have difficulty properly using these masks.

She even provided another helpful link.

Auto repair workers also need these masks!

Thankfully most people understood Dr. Horwitz’s point. Thanks to her thread we now know there’s a proper way to put on these masks.

Removing them safely is equally important! Though it’s tempting to hoard supplies, it helps if we only stick to purchases we truly need.

Did you learn anything useful from this thread? Feel free to share why or why not.

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