Does Anyone Buy These 18 Fake Moments in the Movies?

I love movies, but I find myself rolling my eyes at least a few times when I’m watching anything that was made in Hollywood.

A lot of the plot points are absurdly unrealistic.

Despite being so hard to believe and physically impossible, a lot of these incorrect cliches appear over and over again in the movies.

Here are 18 people who also call B.S. on these false cliches in movies.

1. Are movie couches made of bulletproof vests?

Are people shooting at you?

Take cover behind… anything!

Car doors, drywall, couches, tables, cardboard boxes, it doesn’t matter!

EVERYTHING is bulletproof!

2. What cashier can afford THAT apartment?

The fresh out of college student scoring a great apartment in a swanky part of town while working minimum wage job for themselves.

In reality, you’d have 4 roommates for such a place, or you’re living in a dump in a bad part of town.

3. Does anyone buy this?

That everyone in a Tom Cruise movie is the same height or shorter than him…

4. Who else yells at the screen?

Whenever some idiot is running on foot while being chased by a car that’s trying to run them down, they without fail ALWAYS run straight down the middle of the street.

All they have to do is simply run off to the side where there’s trees and lamp-posts and plenty of other sh*t to block them from getting hit.

In that case, I always root for whoever’s driving.

5. I get blisters looking at pics of the sun.

Fire, Lava, etc. has no heat- people can be suspended over a volcano.

Or in the case of The Hobbit, SURF ON MOLTEN METAL and no one gets so much as a blister.

6. Martyrs

The member of the group that sacrifices themselves for no reason.

7. My ventriloquist skills could come in handy

Acting like an easily removable piece of duct tape silences someone.

8. Those hackers have some kind of superpower

Hackers in movies:

*enters a few keystrokes*

“I’m in!”

9. Why does stalking = life partner? Ugh

Guys who get rejected and then stalk the girl and win her over at the end of the movie.

10. I mean, I’m not a doctor, but…

Drowning revivals.

Victim is pulled, blue, from the water.

Couple of chest compressions, hero through gritted teeth says “don’t you die on me goddammit”,

Small arc of water shoots from the mouth of the victim as they cough twice and immediately regain consciousness, sit up and ask what happened.


11. Movie characters have no manners.

No one ever says goodbye on the phone.

12. Maybe some movie viewers have a slurping fetish, Karen!

When a character gets a full cup of a drink with a straw and they sip and it makes a slurping noise.

Drinking through a straw doesn’t make a slurping sound until the near end of the drink.

13. If I got shot in the leg I’d be crying and asking to be carried!

When getting shot, stabbed, bones broken and beaten seems to have no physical detriment on a character.

Get shot in the leg? Still able to run.

Stabbed in the back? Still able to finish a fight.


14. I never trust anyone who leaves without finishing their pizza!

People order food or drink in a restaurant, get the food, never touch it and decide it’s time to go.

15. For me it’s like two minutes.

Standing under the shower head when you turn on the shower.

Dat sh*t way too cold.

16. If I didn’t restrain my cowlick it would land on my eyeball!

Women in action movies/sequences always wearing their hair down.

Trust me: if there is any running, jumping, climbing trees, we’re putting that sh*t up in a ponytail.

17. Nobody at school never noticed my late ’90s sparkly frosted eye shadow

Nerdy girl starts wearing makeup EVERYONE notices it the next day.

18. Well, it gives me time to make popcorn before I come back

The last 30 seconds on the bomb timer lasts 5 minutes or more.

It’s good to know that a lot of people who watch movies have enough common sense to know this stuff is ridiculous, but at least it’s entertaining!

What fake movie moments drive you up the wall? Leave us a comment!