There’s nothing sweeter than life with pets. Dog, cat, rabbit, whatever – they make us smile, lift our spirits, make us laugh and complete our families. It’s a subject that never grows old; the internet was basically invented to share cat videos, after all.

Artist Beanie totally gets it. She loves her fur babies as much as anyone – alright, maybe more than some – and she posts wholesome comics about exactly that on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Guys, these are free to look at, and they’re so sweet they might just harden your arteries. But not in a bad way, ok?

Here are 10 of my favorites:

10. Just. Devastating.

9. So overlooked, and frankly it should be talked about more.

8. I mean it’s a really long list.

7. What is childhood without a dog?

6. Only 4? I think to be continued.

5. Cold noses accepted.

4. Long lost friend comes home.

3. Seriously, LOOK. Cause it is WORTH IT.

2. Must. Pet. The pup.

1. No better coworker in the world.

Don’t those cartoons just warm your heart?

Give Beanie a follow so you don’t miss a smile, and go find your nearest floof and give it SO MANY PETS!