Dog Lovers Talk About the Dumbest Dogs They’ve Ever Known in Viral Twitter Thread

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dogs are a human’s best friend. They’re lovable, cuddly, and they’re some of the best company anyone can ever have.

But they’re also not perfect. Where some puppers are quite smart, others are a little dim-witted. A viral Twitter thread asked people to share stories about the dumbest dogs they’ve come across.

The stories are hilarious and so relatable!

15. The Very Hungry Puppy

A master of gluttony!

14. The Dog That Never Got a Nice View

That’s one pesky curtain!


13. The Wall-Lover

Must’ve been tasty!

12. He Thought He Could Walk Through Any Door

Wishful thinking, buddy!

11. This Adorable Pup Is Terrified of Heights!

But he still tries his best to confront it.

10. He Fulfills His Duty as a Lazy Pup!

And he’s doing an excellent job!


9. He Got Stuck Behind a Toilet

The owner had to remove the entire toilet to get this puppy out!

8. Never Leave Ham Out When The Puppy is Home!

Lesson learned!

7. This Is Cute, Actually

She’s doing her part to care for this stuffed puppy!

6. She Got Caught Red-Handed!

That’s a huge rug!


5. This Is a Weird Way to Show Loyalty

At least he’s very clean!


4. Never Deny Yourself a Nap!

Great Dino has a point.

3. At Least He Waited Until He Was Outside?

Better on the beach than in the car.


2. Solidarity With The Toddler!

This is cute, in a gross way.

1. He Made His Bed and Got Stuck in It

We can’t tell if he’s sorry.

These dogs may have done silly things, but they’re still amazing and adorable. Has your puppy done something nonsensical lately?

Please share it with us in the comments.

Laughter is always good!