Are you a person who doesn’t have kids for one reason or another? Maybe you’re one of those people who definitely knows they don’t want to have children under any circumstances?

If you fall into that latter category, these tweets are just for you. Because you don’t have to worry about anyone but YOU, baby!

Let’s take a look!

1. That is kind of strange.

2. That’s enough encouragement, thank you.

3. A great point.

4. Get over it.

5. That’s a lot of cash.

6. You look like you’re getting a lot of sleep.

7. Suuuure…

8. Can’t stop crying.

9. Who are you kidding?

10. You’re doing the right thing.

11. Totally understandable.

12. This might anger some people, FYI.

13. My ears are bleeding.

14. What am I looking at, here?

15. It’s adorable!

Those sure are knee-slappers…mostly because I don’t have kids…