Don’t Have Kids? Here Are 14 Jokes You Might Understand.

©Unsplash,Jude Beck

Are you a person who doesn’t have kids for one reason or another? Maybe you’re one of those people who definitely knows they don’t want to have children under any circumstances?

If you fall into that latter category, these tweets are just for you. Because you don’t have to worry about anyone but YOU, baby!

Let’s take a look!

1. It’s adorable!

And it’s so full of cheese!

2. That’s enough encouragement, thank you.

Because you can’t erase a child!

3. A great point.

And I make up for ANY family when it comes to eating the s**t out of these.

4. Get over it.

Like they’ve ever done anything for you? Pfft.

5. That’s a lot of cash.

I can’t believe we don’t have tax breaks for these things…

6. You look like you’re getting a lot of sleep.

You must not have gotten knocked up!

7. Suuuure…

Okay, no. Not at all.

8. Can’t stop crying.

Please pass the tissue. kthx.

9. Who are you kidding?

Not me! I’m not kidding.

10. You’re doing the right thing.

And I’m LOVING it.

11. Totally understandable.

Cats ARE babies. For life!

12. This might anger some people, FYI.

But the safest place for that baby is on the ground. That way they can’t be dropped. Duh.

13. My ears are bleeding.

And… I’m done.

14. What am I looking at, here?

Carol just loves those baby photos, right?

Those sure are knee-slappers…mostly because I don’t have kids.

But… we want to hear from all of you parents out there.

Did any of these strike the right chord? Let us know in the comments!