15 Posts About the Movie ‘Emma’ That Are Relatable AF

There have been several versions of Emma – though the best one will always and forever be Clueless, don’t @ me – with varying degrees of success. It’s not Jane Austen’s most popular work but it’s definitely up there.

If you’re someone who can’t get enough Austen in your life, then you’ve probably already been to see Emma (or you want to, stupid virus!).

These 15 people have definitely been to the show, and the resulting tweets are pretty damn worthy of Austen, if you ask me!

15. They are kind of both pros?


14. Men, I swear.

13. She never listens though.

12. Spoiler: They’re not fine.

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11. I’m going to go with no.


10. Isn’t that the way it works?

9. He is me.

Image Credit: AMC

8. Girlfriend has a lot of influence.

7. Nailed it and nailed it. (This is a long one…)


6. A++ use of this meme.

5. She is not actually capable.

4. Why is this so accurate though?

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3. Poor Knightly he can come home with me.

2. She just never learns.


1. Ouch.

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Love it. Love these. Can’t wait to see the movie myself once the government lets me out of the house!

Have you see Emma? What did you think?

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