The Reason Why You Should Never Scare Your Cat with a Cucumber (Even If It IS Hilarious)

I know you’ve seen those compilation videos circling the internet. You know, the ones where people put cucumbers behind their unsuspecting feline companions and wait for them to notice (and freak out).

While it is hilarious to mess with animals who can totally be dicks for no reason, veterinarians say that you really shouldn’t frighten your cat when he’s in what he considers to be a safe space.

According to IFLScience, some experts believe the cats’ fearful reactions – which include jumping, running, or pawing at the offending vegetable – are due to the surprise of  unknown objects suddenly appearing in their territory. Other experts think they could be mistaking cucumbers for snakes.

Either way, National Geographic reports that playing these pranks could have unintended consequences, potentially leading to a cat injuring himself, breaking something in the vicinity, or developing anxiety.

Long story short, you should be nicer to your cat than he is to you. You’re the sapient one in the relationship, after all!

Source: MentalFloss