Don’t Use This Airline If You Wear Uggs When You Fly

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If you’re a twenty-something white girl who loves her pumpkin spice lattes and traveling in sweatpants, you probably own a pair of Ugg boots. Yes, this is a generalization, but I think I’m right on the money. Well, basic women who prefer Uggs, I have some awful news.

Sit down and prepare yourself.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Lubycat

You read that correctly. The singer of the 1980s group The Human League was denied access to Qantas Lounge at the Melbourne Airport because she was wearing Uggs. The humanity!

This is something I can actually get behind, and I hope it spreads to the U.S. I’m tired of seeing people in sweatpants and Uggs at the airport. I’m not suggesting you should have to wear a tuxedo or a fancy dress for flying, but if you’re in public, maybe you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed two minutes ago. Qantas made it clear where they stand on the issue.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Qantas

But Joanne still wasn’t satisfied.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Lubycat

This lady shared a similar experience.

Photo Credit: Twitter, LouiseBell90

But I think this Twitter user hit the nail on the head.

Photo Credit: Twitter, contrarian11

What do you think? Uggs or no Uggs in airport lounges?

h/t: Mashable