An Editor Somewhere in England Might Be Unemployed After This EPIC Headline Fail


Uh oh. Some copy editor on the other side of the pond is in deep trouble. We all make mistakes at work, but this one was kind of a doozy. A recent front page for the Cambridge News, and English newspaper, looked like this.

Notice anything…odd?

Yikes. That is literally every editor’s worst nightmare. The placeholder for the headline is what ended up getting printed and distributed – and you just know people on Twitter had to pile on the poor person who failed.

Everybody wanted to rub it in…

Especially media types…

But some thought it actually might help the paper in an unexpected way…

And future students…

The newspaper got on Twitter to apologize for the embarrassing error.

And one guy had a pretty good reaction to the whole thing. And I agree with him.

(h/t: Distractify)

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