Embarrassing Examples of People Behaving Badly During This Lockdown

©Unsplash,Gayatri Malhotra

Come on people…get it together, will you?

Most of us are trying to do our best during this current crisis where people are dying, losing their jobs, and we’re all forced to stay inside. It’s tough on everyone, okay?

But some people still have to behave badly for some reason. And act like this whole thing isn’t really happening?

It’s enough to get your blood boiling, isn’t it?

Here are 12 people who might really make you shake your head due to their behavior…

1. Sounds reasonable.

I really enjoy this kind of content!

2. And here’s your response.

Get a grip, people…

3. You will die for me.

Going above and beyond.

4. It’s time to end it!

You’re a doctor, right?

5. BS and unconstitutional.

This person is obviously a legal scholar.

6. All about you.

There’s a lot of this going on right now.

Of course it’s all about you. from CovIdiots

7. Ugh…they’re everywhere.

Well, maybe you are an idiot…

I may be an idiot, but I’m not an idiot. from CovIdiots

8. Are you sure about that?

Your actions say otherwise.

Oh the irony… 😎 from facepalm

9. A real bad boy.

Down with the masks!

Easy there Edgelord. from CovIdiots

10. We’re all gonna die!

This is real clear science.

It says "Facts", so science doesn’t matter. from facepalm

11. This is not cool.

And it’s not manly…

12. That’s not proof enough for you?

What else can you say, really?

‘I need a proof’ from facepalm

Not cool, people…

Not cool at all.

Ugh! I’m trying to laugh, but these people are also really pissing me off, if we’re being completely honest here.

Have you seen any people out there acting ridiculous during this current situation?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments. Put these folks on blast, won’t you?!?!