Emilia Clarke’s Life May Seem Outrageous, but These Pictures Show How Normal She Is

Photo Credit: Instagram, @Emilia_clarke

Daenerys Targaryen. Stoic. Regal. Serious A**-kicker.

Also, a complete 180 from the actress behind this HUGE character in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke scored big when she was asked to audition for the Dragon Queen – it skyrocketed her career. But what is she like when the camera stops rolling?

Anyone who follows her on social media knows she’s goofy, fun-loving, and hilarious – not one iota of the fire breathing Targaryen we’ve grown to love. But you want to know more??

Celebrityism is fascinating, and us fans will research everything to do with the “stars” we obsess over. Ever since MTV Cribs allowed us to peek inside the extravagant lifestyles of our movie and TV heroes, we can’t get enough.

So let’s pry a little on Miss Clarke, shall we?

Her Beauty!


Unmatched, in my opinion. She could wear a potato sack and the world would by it.

Her Quirky Wit


She’s known for not taking life of the set too seriously.

But what about her home?


Her Bedroom

Simple. Cozy. Comfortable. And NORMAL! This is obviously a place she escapes and sleeps. All she needs is her pup, a bed and a sleeping mask.


Her Dog

This little pooch is adorable. And her bedroom is average to small size. Says she doesn’t need much—just love and life.


Her bathroom

This room shows she’s classy yet cozy with an awesome claw foot tub. She knows how to relax.

Also, her poor feet!


Her Living Room

Isn’t this serene? The light colors and her snuggled with her pup make her home a wonderful oasis from the TV madness.


What do you think? It certainly doesn’t seem like she’s let the fame of being Dani change who she is. It appears she enjoys life to the fullest and doesn’t sweat the small stuff – at least, as much as you can know something like that from Instagram.