Employee Gets Revenge on Abusive Boss by Taking Customers and Starting Her Own Company

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Narcissistic bosses are nothing new, but stories of employees who are in a position to give them exactly what they deserve are rare. Too often, people on power trips take full advantage of loyal staffers by stringing them along on flimsy promises. They expect full devotion, then when the time comes for the rewards, they go back on their word without apology.

Not today, Satan.

Here’s a delicious story of how an invaluable employee turns the tables on her ego-maniacal boss.

The “Girl Friday” with the PhD takes over the business from ungrateful owner.
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Support was Overwhelmingly in this Woman’s Favor

It’s hard to see how much more she could take.

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Cool and Calculating Wins the Race

It’s in the rage, mistakes are made.

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It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Sad, but only because it’s true.

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Even the Boss’s Employees Left Him

Not only was she able to easily bring his clients with her, she got his employees too.

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She Did Her Part

And, she helped herself to her reward!

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The Non-Compete was the Final Straw

These clauses are evil.

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Once again, the underdog wins. That’s a feel-good story we can all relate to. I mean, how many times have you sat at your desk and wondered when that promotion, bonus or other promise will come? Too many times.

Here’s to your great success “Girl Friday.” Show him how it’s done!