Enjoy These Jokes About the Classic Film ‘Clueless’


Remember Clueless? The gem of a movie that came out in 1995 and delighted audiences with its funny portrayal of wealthy high school kids, including an immortal lead character named Cher?

Sure you do!

If you haven’t watched it recently, it’s as funny as ever. Let’s take a look at some jokes from people who are big fans of this flick.

1. You’re getting there…

2. One or the other.

3. A little incestuous?

4. All of those things.

5. Wouldn’t that be something?

6. It all adds up to…

7. Which one are you?

8. Can’t forget that voice.

9. Left an impression.

10. Truth bomb.

11. He just knew.

12. Remember that look?

13. A real fashion plate.

Are you a fan of Clueless? What are some other mid-90s movies that you like? Share with us in the comments!