South Dakota’s New Anti-Meth Campaign Wants Everyone to Know They’re…On It

©YouTube,South Dakota Meth Prevention

Methamphetamine abuse and addiction is a frightening and very real problem in every corner of the United States. It’s not just a rural thing, it’s not just a Midwestern thing, it’s EVERYWHERE.

And states across the country are fighting it as hard as they can because officials know how difficult it is to get people to stop using it once they’re addicted.

So we know South Dakota’s heart is in the right place with their new public service announcement ad campaign about fighting meth in their state, but the message was met with a lot of confusion and ridicule when the campaign was rolled out.

Maybe it’s in the wording…?

Meth: We’re On It.

South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem said, “Meth and its use in South Dakota’s growing at an alarming rate. A lot of times you guys have seen campaigns that have to do with drugs or addiction that make people feel more hopeless or uncaring. That is not what this campaign is going to be.”

Noem added, “Every one of us in South Dakota can partner to be on meth. Really, the tagline is ‘I’m on meth.”

And the video PSA has a bunch of South Dakota residents saying they’re “on meth.” Although a bit confusing, we all know what they’re trying to say they’re in the fight against Meth. But still, it’s kind of a strange message…

The campaign was designed by Broadhead Co., a Minnesota-based company, and reportedly cost about $449,000. Take a look at the full public service announcement in the video below.

Oh boy…

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