Enjoy These Satisfying Pictures of Nothing But Snow!

I have a confession to make…and I’m a little bit embarrassed about it.

When I was younger, I used to pride myself on how much I loved the winter months and the cold weather. I’d even argue all the time with people over the benefits of winter vs. summer and cold weather vs. hot weather.

Digging my car out of the snow at 6am in January in Chicago to go to work? Pssshttt, no big deal at all! Walking to an 8am class in freezing weather in college in Kansas. Bring it on!

But now…things are a little bit different…

After spending most of my life as a hardened Midwesterner, I moved to North Carolina a few years ago where we have mild winters…and now I’m a total baby about the cold weather.

I guess something in your blood just changes when you don’t have to deal with subzero temperatures year in and year out.

But, wherever you live, I think we can all agree that these beautiful pics of winter wonderlands make these cold months a little more bearable.


1. The sunset through the snow.

This is a nice shot.

Snow clinging on to the branches of a tree, Finland from oddlysatisfying

2. Whoa. Look at that!

Never seen that before…

The ice neatly folded itself from oddlysatisfying

3. A happy accident.

I bet that’s a nice view during the day, too.

Fresh snow over Christmas lights from mildlyinteresting

4. A perfect snow pattern.

I love it when this happens.

This pattern in the snow on a patio table from oddlysatisfying

5. Extreme close-up.

Every snowflake is unique, remember?

The snow was very geometric when I went skiing from pics

6. This is really cool.

Out on the frigid prairie.

When constant winds and ice meet a fence. from oddlysatisfying

7. You could say it’s pretty windy here.

And here’s the proof.

When they ask if there’s much wind where we live… from BeAmazed

8. I don’t think you’ll be going outside anytime soon.

Just a hunch I have…

Yep that’s snow from pics

9. Just roll it on down.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all ice and snow came off our cars like this?

The way the snow rolled down on my windshield from oddlysatisfying

10. It’s a winter wonderland.

For real!

Snow at Versailles. from oddlysatisfying

Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, please share some of your own snow pics with us.

We can’t wait to hear from you! And remember to stay warm out there!