Entitled Customer Receives Free Glasses and Still Complains. Then Company Owner Responds.

Sometimes when we buy a product or pay for a service and something goes wrong on the businesses’ end, we might feel like leaving a bad review. Hopefully, that only happens after a customer has made several attempts to have the situation addressed and the business has refused or has otherwise proven they aren’t interested in fixing the situation.

However, other times… entitled customers feel like they can take, take, take from a local business, and then have the audacity to demand more.

A particularly entitled customer recently posted a negative review of an eyeglasses company. It seems that the customer received a free pair of eyeglasses, but was unhappy with the ones they ended up choosing. The customer tried to return the glasses for another free pair.

That might sound reasonable, but once you read the full story… you probably won’t think so.

It all starts with the review, which is already pretty dramatic.

Anytime someone insists on typing in all caps, you can generally assume they aren’t prioritizing being reasonable. But let’s continue on and find out.

So it seems like, on the surface, the customer is angry because they feel that they made a poor decision after not receiving any guidance from anyone in the shop. That feels a little fair, until you read on and realize that the owner of the shop has replied.

Anyone who has ever had an eye exam and purchased glasses knows that these are not inexpensive undertakings! Plus, it seems like the owner is really generous, and regularly gives back to their community.

That story definitely took a turn when the shop owner replied! Can you believe what the customer said?

People had PLENTY to say about this, including some personal experience…

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Also, whenever you see ALL CAPS… watch out!

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Because who actually didn’t help this person?

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Also, one thing about this review… it’s not technically appropriate…

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What do you think about this situation? Have you ever seen a crazy review like this?

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