Even Though You’re Skeptical, What’s the Creepiest Thing You’ve Seen That Could Have Been Paranormal? People Responded.

I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, UFOs, or anything supernatural, but I will say that there are so many unexplained things out there that I’m at least open to the idea.

And I think we can all agree that there’s a lot about our world that we don’t know about…yet.

Skeptics, what’s the most unexplainable and creepy thing you’ve seen?

Here’s how people responded on AskReddit.

1. Wow.

“This happened back when we were like in 3rd grade.

It was around 7 pm right when the sun was almost set. My cousins swore that one of my grandma’s friends was in their backyard, knocking on the window in their room and trying to talk to them

Although not entirely strange for her to be back there (she regularly helped my grandma with her garden), at this point she had been reported missing and nobody even knew where she was

It was only later that we learned she was already d**d sometime that morning. She had been st**bed several times and her body found in a dumpster nearby..

I don’t know who the f**k my cousins saw that night.”

2. Seeing red.

“My aunt Ann d**d and my other aunt Dee, her sister, was packing her things ready to go to the funeral.

Her son, my cousin, asked her who that woman was in that red dress in his room. Of course my aunt Dee was confused. My cousin didn’t really know aunt Ann that well.

When they went to the funeral, you know what color my d**d aunt Ann was wearing in her casket? Red.”

3. Very weird.

“Was driving with my mom, sister and 5yo nephew one day. Suddenly nephew said “What is Uncle <name> doing there?”

We were all shocked because that uncle, my mom’s brother, just passed away two weeks ago. My mom asked nephew where he saw him and nephew said “standing under a tree”.

We tried to ask him more questions after that but he refused to answer and avoided looking outside. It was pretty weird.”

4. Hat Man.

“I’m sure you all know about the whole “hat man” myth. Big funky shadow person with a brimmed hat.

Well, I’ve seen that. Four distinct times. They all appeared within a week or two after one of my grandparents passed away. But this wasn’t a malicious being…it was just…observant. Watching. And almost reassuring.

Loss changes you, that’s for sure, but I am extremely skeptical about how in the hell my mind made it so consistent and benevolent.”

5. Creeped out.

“Had a room in our hotel where a **der occurred, got multiple complaints that the sheets have blood stains and the lights won’t turn on from different guests every couple weeks. Whenever we’d check the room, no issues.

One time after moving the guests, got a noise complaint that there was screaming coming from the room. Check the room, empty. Listened to the neighbours rooms and didn’t note any noise either.

We had never publicly release that the m**der occurred in that room, and nobody but staff knew. I’m skeptical but creeped me out.”

6. The figure.

“The girl I was babysitting one night came running out of her room crying and said something walked by her window.

And then something runs by the window as I’m checking it out. A distinctly humanoid figure. So I text the parents asking about it. And this is the response I get: ‘Omg you saw it too?!’”

Yeah I cried. Called the cops too. They came by and said they didn’t see anything around.

The thing is. The parents had called the cops several times before too for the same reason. One of the freakiest times I’ve ever babysat.”

7. Won’t forget it.

“When I was 14 I was going to the bathroom at night.

As I was walking down my brother walked behind me, he also needed to pee. He let me go first. I left the door ajar so I could talk to my brother ( I was always scared in that house and so was he so we kinda talked to let each other know we were not alone).

Suddenly my brother went silent. I felt really cold. I saw a person walk past my door. But it was not a human. It was a shadow, like so black it was the absence of light. It was tall. It had a mass to it and it felt like it sucked the warmth out of the air. Even though it was tall AF it made no sound. It was almost as if it “made silence” and sucked sound away.

I waited a bit to catch my breath because I was so scared. I slowly opened the door to see my brother. He was pale as a sheet, shaking and felt cold to the touch. I asked him: what did to see? He said … get out… we need to go now! We ran back upstairs and hid under our blankets until morning.

We never talked about it. 20 years later I asked my brother but he claims he does not remember that story. I don’t believe in ghosts, I never saw anything else. However I will never forget that experience.”

8. Steps.

“I was in what was a master’s house in plantation county.

It was my grandparents house 150 years later. I was awake later than everyone else in the upstairs room next to the grand staircase. I would hear heavy footsteps up and down the stairs all night when I was growing up.

I’d ask the next day and no one was said to be in that area after dark. My grandparents made the old main room their bedroom. It was adjacent to the stairwell. My parents had the upstairs room adjacent to the stairs. They all said they were asleep.

I was 12-15 at the time and scared out of my mind. Awake when no one else was. Hearing those steps up and down. Not scratching in the walls for raccoons or whatever… heavy, human-sized steps on the steps.”

9. Ancestors.

“I went to my grandma’s place when I was 16. Now this in India in a village in the hills where I have to trek literally 45 mins to reach(and I’m a fat kid).

No electricity, totally different from rest of the world. So I was withy uncle and some little girl from the village. We were going from one village to another. The path is literally a small portion of hill chopped off. So narrow , that only one person can go at a time so we were walking in line.

My uncle in front telling me about the village and stuff, me second and the girl behind me. On one side is the hill and other the slope of the hill. So we come across a tree with a green triangle and some strange markings. My uncle tells me that this is where our ancestors sat in prayer for a long time so that no one would fall off the hill and d**.

I’m mocking him inside but respectfully listening . A small portion of the road is broken and leaves were collected in the ditch. My uncle skips over the leaves and tells me jump over the leaves otherwise you will slip . I jump over the leaves pass on the same instructions to the girl. Now what I forgot that the girl doesn’t understand a word we are speaking as she hails from the village where the language is entirely different.

She steps on the leaves falls down the hill and I’m frozen and my heart is pounding , the girl is falling downhill she hits a tree. She grabs some small plants ( she was very light) and literally climbs uphill rock climbing style cathing small plants slowly. She fell almost a 200 ft downhill, she easily climbs up .

My uncle is smiling at me and says ” I told you our ancestors prayed here. That experience was so f**king surreal.”

10. Visiting Grandpa.

“Going to visit grandfathers grave when I was in my mid 20’s

. My grandfather was buried in a really old graveyard where the oldest graves were in the center like before civil war times. It was really in the boonies so it’s like middle of nowhere with old church type graveyard.

Anyway, you have to walk the graveyard and my grandfather is buried way in the back so I hike up and say a few things and enjoy the quiet for a while, then start back down and detour a bit to look at some of the old gravestones.

There is this one particular HUGE gravestone in the exact center, just massive compared to the others which looks like a giant cut of rock was stood on end and the marking were simply chiseled in. It also is the only grave marking with an old iron fence around the plot so it is really overgrown in comparison to the well maintained plots.

So I amble over and look at this and try to read it but the grass is really blocking the dates so I lean over the fence to brush aside and look for details.

And just as I read 1790…something well, rattles right next to my ear. Immediately, I think rattlesnake and jerk up. And as I do, something pushed me back hard.

I actually skidded back about 3 feet and landed on my butt. I kinda freak a bit, looking around, and trying to figure out what the hell happened. I look down at the base of the grave trying to see if I saw a snake or something and then blinked because something was wrong.

I couldn’t figure it out at once….then sorta shuddered and then really looked. And there was something causing the air to blur in front of me when I looked at the grave but had edges so everything was clear around it.

I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat and butt scooted back so fast I hit my tailbone on a gravestone. I jumped up and half ran down the hill to the bridge to the parking lot and stopped right when I got to it to calm a bit.

And then…I turned around and looked up. And I saw the air blur moving down the hill between the godd**n stones toward me and it was vaguely human shaped. I could literally see the f**king movement as details went blurry and refocused as it moved. It wasn’t fast but it was coming.

That did it….I tore a** across the bridge, jumped in my car and burned rubber out of the lot. It’s been nearly 20 something years since that time and even typing this has got me jittery. Just thinking about seeing the world blurred without any reason to it….and it’s moving toward you. Christ…”

11. Uh oh…

“I was sheltering from a tornado in an old farmhouse basement with my sister and 5 year-old niece.

About an hour in, the electricity cut and my little niece says: “They’re coming.” We asked who was coming, she just kept repeating “They are.”

Freaky kid.”

12. What lady?

“I was about 10 years old when me and my friend went to say hello to his mum who was working as a barmaid in one of the local pubs.

The pub was built in 1461 so it has a good amount of history.

After saying hello to his mum, we went to leave and noticed the cellar door was open. Being curious 10 year olds and out of earshot of any adults, we decided to sneak down and have a cheeky look around.

When we got down there, it was kind of how you would expect (just loads of barrels of booze and storage for other bits and pieces) but suddenly we hear this ‘excuse me’ from behind us.

We spin around and there is a lady in the cellar. She says to us ‘you shouldn’t be down here’ and we should go back upstairs quickly.

We do as we’re told and as we’re exiting the cellar, we are caught red-handed by the landlord of the pub who asks us what we were doing in the cellar.

We explain we just wanted to see what was down there but the lady told us to go back upstairs.

He looked a little confused by this and asked ‘what lady?’ Before venturing down into the cellar himself.

A few minutes passed and when he came back he told us ‘there was nobody down there’ and to stop ‘messing around’ – at which point we left the building to go and do other things.

The thing I remember is the ‘lady’ was dressed in an old-timey ‘maids’ outfit that you would see in a British Victorian period drama. I also remember she didn’t feel threatening or scary, but rather kind and gentle.

I messaged my friend about this a few weeks ago (26 years later) and he remembered it clearly.

I have heard several people talk about a ‘maid’ or servant who was pushed down or fell down the cellar stairs and broke her neck.

So in conclusion, it was either the ghost of a Victorian servant or the landlord was doing kinky stuff with someone in the cellar and we arrived at an inconvenient time.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

What do you think is the creepiest, most unexplained thing you’ve ever seen?

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