If you were live in the 2000s, there’s a good chance that Mythbusters was a regular part of your world – especially if you were any kind of nerd. They were like, as cool as people who were really into science would ever really be.

They blew stuff up, shot stuff, dropped stuff, and otherwise made giant messes all in the name of proving what things we believed just because were actually true or possible.

Did you ever stop to wonder, though, how much stuff got blown up and dropped and shot in the near vicinity?

If you didn’t, let me tell you – you’re going to love that you’re about to find out.

You know things are crazy when they have to start an episode with an apology…

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Because a cannonball went through someone’s house.


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Then there was the time they wanted to see if they could actually blow someone’s socks off.

Which, yanno… sounds REALLY dangerous.

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And they got banned from like, an entire city (and then some).

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So what we’re learning today, my friends, is that science is cool, that you should apologize when your experiments go awry, and if you’re going to test any kind of explosives, you should probably have some kind of expert on hand.

But mostly, that science is cool.

Don’t you forget that, y’all, but definitely go back and watching some old episodes of Mythbusters. Now you can make up all of the sordid behind-the-scenes details and know for sure you’re not that far off!

What do you think about this? Should Mythbusters have attempted these or just left well enough alone?

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