Teacher’s Disruptive Student Is Hilarious, He Probably Has a Future in Comedy

Photo Credit: Twitter

Being a teacher is tough. But there are a few definite perks of dedicating your life to the classroom, and one of them is the stories. As a teacher, you literally never run out of hilarious and surreal stories to tell your friends.

One teacher, Erica Buddington, shared a series of particularly hilarious stories about a young boy named Stan on her Twitter. The thread went viral because it is just The Best, no exaggeration.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Stan.

In one story, Stan asked Erica if she likes her hair “like that” and then walked around her head, looking at it.

He then very calmly passed her a piece of paper with his barber’s name and number on it.

Mind you, this was Stan’s first-ever interaction with his teacher. This is clearly a kid with no f*cks left to give.

In the second story, Stan asked Erica if she could scan an entire thirteen chapters of a book for him because he lost it for the second time. He replied with the ultimate burn.


Annnd there’s more. One time Stan gave the very best excuse for not doing his homework.

Another time, Stan roasted a fellow classmate instead of Erica (phew! Give that lady a break).

Later, that student stormed out after a separate argument and dared the teacher to call their mother. Stan said, “We can’t! You detonated her, remember?”

One time, he wrote THIS on the whiteboard.

And one time, he “covered” Erica by telling the class that she’s a Jehovah’s Witness so she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, when really it’s because she’s “single and independent.”

Seriously, the laughs are never-ending. This young man is going places! Congratulations on graduating, Stan.