Someone in Japan Came up a New Method to Eat Corn on the Cob

Photo Credit: Twitter, @alovesun

Summer is filled with great food! Fresh fruits, veggies, grilling hotdogs, and on and on.

But one vegetable stands out among all summer foods: corn on the cob.

The only problem? Eating it. We all know that corn on the cob can be messy. It leaves butter on your hands and kernels in your teeth. It takes a satisfying meal and turns it sour – or at least a little bit annoying.

But recently a new corn hack has made its way around the internet.

This viral sensation will have you enjoying your summer favorite again.


The original tweet racked up almost 40K retweets!

Translation: “The thing that shocked me the most after moving to Hokkaido was how they eat corn.”


Here are the steps to eating your corn “the right way”.

1. Remove a few kernels to make space

Photo Credit: Instagram, @world

2. Place a thumb onto a row of kernels

Photo Credit: Instagram, @world

3. Push toward the space you made

Photo Credit: Instagram, @world

4. Voila! Separated kernels

Photo Credit: Instagram @world

Now, drop them onto your plate for consumption. If you keep going, your cob will look like clean!

This might not solve the buttery hands issue, but at least you can enjoy all corn on the cob without worrying about your teeth.