Facebook Builds Bot to Help Workers Get Through Awkward Topics with Their Families over the Holidays


Facebook is now a sort of necessary evil. We’re inclined to mistrust people who don’t have a profile with the company, and many entrepreneurs and large-scale brands also depend on the site for access to their customers.

But questionable things are frequently posted on the site, and we all know the allegations against Facebook around misinformation: Facebook has been blamed for spreading fake news and propaganda against entire groups of people, or at least for not doing anything to stop it.

But let’s not forget that real people have to moderate these posts. And those real people probably have relatives and friends who want to make small talk about work and life. Could you imagine having to spend all day looking at the sort of posts that Facebook actually does delete, and then having to field questions from well-meaning but nosy people?

Well, Facebook created a bot called Liam to help its moderators deal. A spokesperson for the company says about Liam:

“Our employees regularly ask for information to use with friends and family on topics that have been in the news — especially around the holidays. We put this into a chat bot, which we began testing this spring”

In the past, Facebook handed down talking points that employees could use in case family or friends had questions about the nature of their work. But now they have a bot to do it!

The bot is a more advanced way to help employees who are wondering how to field certain…delicate questions. On top of being able to help with possible things to say about certain scandals that have recently plagued the company, Liam is there to help moderators answer other questions.

After all, it’s not a family gathering if someone doesn’t ask for technological assistance, right?

Do you think Liam is a good way to help moderators avoid awkwardness? Or just a way for a massive, entitled corporation that is actively harming our national discourse to better feed the public their line? Share your opinion about this strange new way to help employees in the comments!