The It Factor: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Miniseries ‘It’

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Pennywise the clown can be credited for millions of childhood nightmares, and with good reason: It is absolutely terrifying, and clowns are really creepy. And if Pennywise wasn’t scary enough as a clown, he can change into any fear.

I, for one, would literally lose my ability to function if I saw a clown scorpion. (Just try to get that image out your head). Paralysis-inducing pictures aside, here are nine interesting facts about the 1990 miniseries:

1. Tim Curry spent three hours every day in the makeup chair to become Pennywise.


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2. An asylum night guard has the name Koontz, which is a reference to Stephen King’s archrival, Dean R. Koontz.

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3. The voice from the drain is a boy named Matthew O’Connor, also the name of the Supervising Producer of the miniseries. Another voice is from a girl named Vicky Burrows, the name of the Casting Director.

4. In the novel, a turtle that creates the universe is Pennywise’s nemesis.

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5. The casting directors originally considered David Alan Grier to play Mike.

6. Bill Skarsgård, who will play Pennywise in the upcoming 2017 film version of It, was born in 1990, the same year the OG miniseries was released.

7. There’s an influential skate punk band called Pennywise that formed in 1988. (Don’t worry: nobody in the band is nearly as terrifying as Stephen King’s character).

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A new film version of It will be released next year. From the look of things, Tim Curry’s psycho Ronald McDonald performance will not be replicated. Instead an extremely graphic and arguably more disturbing product will haunt a new generation’s dreams for years to come. Sleep tight!