Feral Hogs Destroy Tens of Thousands of Dollars Worth of Cocaine in the Italian Forest


In “feral hog” news, a bunch of feral hogs destroyed $22,000 worth of cocaine in the forest in Italy.

The cocaine had been stashed in the woods by a local gang, consisting of three Albanians and an Italian. Police discovered the operation by wiretapping members of the gang. That’s where they heard someone complaining about the havoc wreaked by the wild hogs.

Officials don’t know exactly how many boars were involved, but they allegedly dug up the package and destroyed it, dispersing it throughout the woods.

In the end, the men lost much more than thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. Thanks to the bust, four suspects were arrested on drug charges. Two of them are now in jail, and two are under house arrest.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the story is reminding users of the viral “30-50 feral hogs” tweet from August.

“So that’s where the 30-50 feral hogs got off to,” one user remarked.

“It’s the coke that makes them impervious to AR-15 fire,” another added.

Others joked that “this is what they’re up to when they’re not rushing that one dude’s son.” Or, it could be the cocaine that causes the daily attacks.

On a serious note, feral hogs are a major problem in Italy (as well as many places around the world). Farmers recently protested in Rome, calling for the government to control the population. There are about two million wild boars in Italy, and they can cause land damage and road accidents.

But they are also very tasty, so…don’t get rid of all of them.