Some Woman Paid Mark Mcgrath to Dump Her Boyfriend and You Can Watch the Video

Photo Credit: Twitter

Breaking up is hard to do… Which is why, sometimes, you just gotta pay Mark McGrath to do it for you.

Mark McGrath is the lead singer of Sugar Ray, a 90s rock band known for cheesy hits like “Fly” and “Every Morning.” The band is not exactly known for being cool, especially not in 2019, but they’re definitely still making music, and they definitely still have fans.

One fan named Cheyenne reached out to Mark on an app called Cameo, where fans can pay celebs to do stuff (it’s wild, check it out). She offered Mark $100 to break up with her boyfriend for her. He said yes.

Mark recorded a full 2:20 minute video outlining Cheyenne’s concerns and effectively ending the relationship on her behalf. The message is surprisingly heartfelt as Mark wishes the poor guy, Brayden, well.


“This is a little difficult for me to say because it’s the first one of these I’ve done,” Mark began. “But she wants you to know that you mean a lot to her—you mean the world to her. But she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship. It’s tough.”

He went on to commiserate, explaining that long distance is the toughest part of his relationship with his own wife.


Also, Cheyenne still cares about Brayden and would like to remain on good terms.

“She still wants to be friends with you,” Mark said.

Lastly, he encouraged Brayden to remain strong — even though he’s in the middle of working on a thesis right now.

“Be positive, bro.”


At $100, a breakup from Mark McGrath is surprisingly affordable. Holiday gift idea, anyone?