14 People Who Develop Film Share the Weirdest They’ve Seen

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I don’t know how much people get actual film developed these days with the rise of digital photography and camera phones, but it definitely still happens.

And it used to be the norm for folks to drop off their film to be developed, so you know a lot of folks out there have seen some seriously weird shit over the years.

Are you ready to see what kind of weird stuff people got a peek of when they were developing other peoples’ film?

Let’s dive into these stories from AskReddit users.

1. This person has some stories!

“I worked at a camera store all through college and saw a little but of everything. My favorites:

Biker rally photos are the craziest shit you will ever see. Like a bottle of whiskey in a metal hammock connected to a dudes scrotum rings as he walked around bare ass naked. And for anyone that thinks it’s all hot girls that flash their boobs for a camera, IT IS NOT. Never get those images out of your head.

Crime scene photos for the local PD were rough. We didn’t do many, mostly just when they needed photos immediately but those are hard. The worst is when you can’t tell what’s going on in the negatives and when the prints come out you realize you’ve been staring at the inside of a van after someone blew their head off with a shotgun.

Ok, now for the funniest. Sweet looking late 20s attractive woman brings in 4 rolls of film. She had on one of those teacher sweaters with the little schoolhouse, ABCs, 1 +1 =2, all that, so I assume she’s an elementary school teacher. Didn’t think anything of it.

Four rolls of this woman getting slammed in every sexual position you can imagine by a dude that looked like he was 10 feet tall and hung like a moose. Two hours later, moose cock himself walks in to pick up the photos.

I realize after he leaves, the pics at the beginning they had their clothes on. The same clothes that they were wearing when they came into the store. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe these people had just got done with what could only have been a 6 hour fuck marathon and ran immediately to the camera store to develop the film.”

2. Don’t tell her.

“This actually happened quite recently, an old lady came in with her late sons camera and a dozen of discs that she wanted to check if there would be anything in them.

The first couple of discs had some old albums on them, the next 6 or so we’re full of porn from the 90’s. I didn’t have the heart to tell this old lady who was over 80 years old that she was in possession of her late son’s porn collection.

She even gave me a tip for being helpful…”

3. Yikes!

“When I was a photo tech for Walgreens, one of our regular customers sent in a print order through the website.

The customer was 50-something,short and round, and half the pics in her order were collages of her gaping, lubed up butthole, cheeks spread wide apart.”

4. People are weird.

“The most interesting might be a woman in her late 20s or early 30s who would take hundreds of photos of her topless or nude. some were selfies, some with different men, some doing shit like gardening or posing under local bridges. just stacks on stacks of her breasts.

the weirdest photo was in a very small order that had pictures of a few men hunting together at some cabin or lodge or something. some pictures of them and of snowy tree lines and then one solitary photo in the middle of a fucking Sasquatch. it looked so unreal it may have been a painting?

i still don’t know. it was just one, standing in the center of the photo, in front of some trees in the snow. i’m sure it was some kind of art or… something, but it also fed my undying need to come across UFO photos during the two years i worked there (i didn’t 😭)”

5. She didn’t expect that!

“A friend of mine worked in a camera shop. When staff were bringing out a developed photo set you would call out the customers name to come up. Well one day two people had the same name.

He groaned, called it out and this old woman came up and asked which was hers. My friend told her to take a look in set A and if it is not hers to take set B . She says okay opens it up and screams. He runs over and takes a look.

The first photo was of an orgy in a forest.”

6. Shocking.

“The most shocking thing is when a former mortician brought in 35mm slides to be scanned, and they were all crime scene and bodies on an autopsy table type photos of extremely gory things.

Gun shot wounds, exposed insides, cut off heads, etc.

I couldn’t get through it and passed it off to my other lab guy. It didn’t bother him as much, but he couldn’t stare directly at the screen either. I cant remember what the exact excuse of why he needed them digitized, but I think it was something like educational purposes for others learning to be morticians?

I was still kinda new at the time, and today I wouldn’t accept that order. I would tell him to goto a crime lab instead. It was honestly one of the worst experiences in my life. I cant even handle gory movies.”

7. Wild times.

“Worked at a warehouse club photo lab for a few years and we saw tons of weird, wild and crazy shit. Never saw anything illegal (aside from pictures of a spray painted cow, pretty sure that was animal abuse). It was store policy to print everything unless it was illegal and not ask questions.

Most wild thing I ever saw was a group of people in their mid 50s all out on a fishing trip. After the fishing they took pictures at a bar. Then a strip club.

Then at a bon fire with a bunch of the strippers. Everyone was nude and it looked as though they were playing ring toss with a cowboy hat on the dudes dicks.”

8. Classy!

“A friend of mine worked at Walgreens developing photos during high school.

He said the best set of photos was of a child’s birthday party, a few photos in the middle of the parents having sex and top down views of a blow job, and then the continuation of the child’s birthday party.

For those too young to understand how film works – this means the sex and blowjob must have happened DURING the party.”

9. A creepy older man…

“A couple years back when I was 18, I was a trainee at a small local photography shop. They developed films but also had those PC stations where you can print or develop your digital pictures. As I was just the trainee I had exhausting job to help the customers with the procedure because it’s a bit confusing.

Most of the time those were just elderly women who wanted to develop pictures from their last family gathering or vacation. But once it was a really creepy older man.

At first he seemed nice and polite and he looked like a well kept elderly Business man. But after plugging in you could see all pictures saved on the medium (like a SD card or an USB Stick).

He wanted to select two innocent flower pictures or something and we had to look trough like 2000 files? But well, he had an amateur erotic photoshoot or something like that because there were many low quality pictures of him naked or half naked, with masks or leather lingerie for men

. I politely stood next to him and scrolled trough the pictures for him because my boss advised me to do it that way, except the customer didn’t want to. But he simply watched me with a creepy smile and didn’t say something.

I felt so uncomfortable and insecure and I never told my boss.”

10. Gettin’ dirty.

“Worked in a Kroger Photo Lab in the ‘rich’ area of town for about two years..

In the machine we used, we’d develop the film in one machine then feed it through a scanner to print, edit, etc.

Well, one day I come in and there’s like twenty rolls developed and waiting for me. My boss was basically like a second mom at the time, so she loved to give me embarrassing photos because I was very shy and she’d get a laugh teasing me about it.

Well, this slew of rolls happens to be from a biker rally, and as you can imagine there’s a lot going on and because of how the system works we have to go through each individual photo.

There was nothing but leather, tits, and leathery tits everywhere and a little group public sex peppered in here and there. It was wild. I was beet red the whole time developing it, and she had a laugh over my innocence. (It’s worth mentioning, I was an adult, it didn’t ‘hurt’ me or upset me or anything. Just embarrassing. So please don’t think badly of my boss dumb stuff like that was how we had fun with each other)

The revenge did come however, as she had a one hour order from a nice fellow, and she went and developed it and there were multiple rolls of a fella wearing a red dress with bright red painted fingernails and toenails just top down with his dong holding up the bottom of the dress, peeking out, and she had to review each photo individually thanks to that same system.

She was so embarrassed and her face was so red, she begged me to get the pictures for him because she couldn’t look him in the eye with a straight face after seeing that. I had a good laugh at her expense afterwards.”

11. That’s sad.

“Back in the late 90’s I worked at the Photo Lab in Wal-Mart. The companies policies on developing lewd photos meant I didn’t see anything too over the top but I did see something disturbing once.

The first half of the film roll contained pictures of an elderly gentleman celebrating his 75th birthday but then the pictures changed. The man from the birthday party was (and I’m not making this up) in a coffin.

The whole last half of the roll was pictures of the mans funeral.”


“My first job was at a photo lab that still processed old film rolls which we manually developed and printed, like I’m talking about hands in a black bag kind of old school.

At Christmas time, I was working on an order for an old couple that had been regulars for over a decade (and standing behind the counter waiting for their pictures, I might add). Well, apparently I wasn’t warned beforehand that at 17 years old, that I wasn’t supposed to handle this order while working alone.

This couple took dirty photos every year around Christmas and always themed, that year I got to see her as Santa’s naughty elf. And when I say see, I mean I saw everything.”

13. Yowza!

“Used to repair mobile phones so still saw hundreds if not thousands of personal pics, not on purpose but just because we used to have to manually back up pictures.

The most shocking was this 60+ year old woman in a gangbang. She had a distinctive tattoo on her shoulder which I noticed when she picked up the phone and in the pics.”

14. Burned into your brain.

“Naked pregnant woman wearing a bart Simpson full head mask.

12 years ago and I’ll never forget it.”

There sure are a lot of weirdoes out there, huh?

Have you ever had an experience like this at work? Or maybe you accidentally saw something on another person’s phone that you weren’t meant to see?

Tell us your stories in the comments!