Find out What @Midnight Viewers Would Do If THEY Had Been Elected President

Image Credit: Nerdist

Way back in the middle of the election cycle, Chris Hardwick played Hashtag Wars and asked viewers and guests what they would do #IfIWerePresident. Now that we have a new President-elect in America, let’s take a look back and wonder…would some of these people have been better choices?

#15. I feel like this guy would have gotten a lot of votes… if his supporters remembered to go to the polls.

#14. We all know Americans really like a platform that involves winning.

#13. Somebody tell this guy he’s not ACTUALLY running for President…

#12. Solid targets.

#11. I’m 99% sure Canada is already working on this.

#10. Meme mixing is always a good idea.

#9. Hippies, man.

#8. I’m pretty sure the Brits did this while occupying India.

#7. Come on. Even Pepsi gave up the fight years ago. #CocaColaForever

#6. I should have written this guy in on my ballot.

#5. Brown nosing maybe, but you have to appreciate the pacifism.

#4. And then explain why the murder rate keeps going up, right?

#3. All of a sudden, people are totally into CSPAN!

#2. I feel like this person hasn’t actually seen Veep.

#1. This, folks, is a master class in subtweeting.

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