Folks Opened up About Their Memories of How Far Truth or Dare Actually Went

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Oh, to be young again…

But maybe adults play Truth or Dare, too? I really have no idea…

But, for me, the timeless game will always be associated with the middle school/early high school years when kids are a little out of control and just starting to get to know themselves…and the opposite sex.

Here are some interesting responses from people on AskReddit about games of Truth or Dare.

Oh, one more thing: these posts are NSFW, so be careful…

1. Ha! That’s pretty funny.

“Once when I was 18 at a house party, I was dared to ask the neighbors if I could take a bath. They let me. I had a bath and left gratefully.

They were nice people. I brought my own towel from the house the party was taking place in so I didn’t contribute to their laundry. I was still wet when I left.”

2. We’re going streaking!

“Streaked down a very long driveway and back.

Thinking back on it, I have no idea what I would have done if someone had caught me.

I was like 15…”

3. Zima ruins the day!

“I was 16 at a motel party with 2 guys and 2 girls. Everyone’s clothes were dared off, as is like to happen in that kind of situation. I was dared to streak down the entire top floor of that open front motel and did it.

Then I got dared to make out with my crush and I suspect more could have happened if the other girl there hadn’t gotten so sick off Goldshlager and Zima.”

4. Sent home.

“It was a sleepover with 2 boys and 3 girls at this girl’s house. I was one of the lucky guys. We we’re playing truth or dare and our clothes were coming off piece by piece.

I got dared to wear a leapord bra from the girl of the houses dresser. Right as I put it on and start dancing around like a silly idiot her mom walks in and I get sent home.”

5. That’s wild.

“Jumped buck naked into a fast moving mountain river in February.

I had to sit down to pee for three days afterwards.”

6. Typical brother behavior.

“Me and my brothers were doing it to pass the time when it was snowing.

I got dared to go outside in my boxers. Or tell a secret.

Taking those to the grave so I went ouside, cock and balls went up to my stomach and they locked me outside for 5 minutes.

Got them back real good. Dared them both to full force kick each other in the nuts.”

7. Mom cried…

“Got a buzz cut.

I had beautiful blond curls down to the small of my back. My mom cried for a week. My dad made me a wig out of gold curly q ribbon and wood shavings.”

8. A painful game.

“I’ve done weird shit but the most memorable was giving my (male) friend a full body wax. We had an agreement that if he wanted to forfeit he could, but he didn’t.

He yelled SO much, it was crazy. We’re still good friends, and he brings it up fairly often.”

9. Ouch!

“I jumped 20 stairs almost 3 meters height I think.

I was stupid I tore a ligament in knee.”

10. This is weird.

“In my native town of Hrughurd, we play a similar game that, translated, means “New Truth or Snow-Ass”. You have to either tell the group something about yourself that none of them know about you or you have to run outside, pull your pants down, and slide on the snow such that snow thoroughly goes in your buttcrack.

Some people would not even bother with trying to come up with an embarrassing and obscure fact about themselves, and just run straight outside when their turn came, ass into the wind.

It was a great game, especially if you were a fan of naked red asses. But there’s an additional rule: You can lie. But someone else can challenge you and accuse you of lying. If they’re right, you admit it and go outside for your snow-ass. If they’re wrong about their accusation, then they have to go outside for a real heavy-duty snow-ass.

Anyway, to answer the question, the farthest I’ve gone is with snow fully up my asscrack. Just a freezing cold rim job that was. I was a bad liar then. I’m slightly better at lying now.”

11. Legend!

“A friend danced naked and drunk on a a police car with two cops in it.”

12. You proved your point.

“Ran around a whole parking lot butt naked.

Can’t remember if it was a dare, I probably just wanted to prove a point but I guess it counts?”

13. Sniffin’ glue.

“Mine would be sniffed some weird glue. Got a bit dizzy, hot and thought everything was funny. Then a banging headache. Then fine.

All over in about 30 minutes. Glad I did it but definitely wouldn’t do it twice.”

14. That is disgusting.

“My wife told me about how they got a person in their group to shit on a sandwich. Then how they got someone else to take a bite of it.

I met the people she was talking about, and I believe her.”

Those were the good old days, huh?

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