These Food Service Workers Share Stories of Hilariously Awful Customers

Working with customers is often harrowing for people in the service sector, especially for those who work in the restaurant industry.

When a food service worker posted a story about a customer’s over-the-top response to a hamburger, he didn’t expect the deluge of replies from other restaurant workers who’ve had to deal with nonsensical requests they’ve gotten from customers.

Check ’em out and be prepared to tip servers even more next time—they deserve all the love they can get!

1. It’s literally the same thing.

Chances are, it wouldn’t have been that great a tip anyway.

2. Bottoms up!

Give the booze to the server instead.

3. How did she not know?

And if it wasn’t refrigerated, that was a stomach ache waiting to happen.

Photo credit: Twitter

4. Every single one.

That’s one hefty sandwich.

Photo credit: Twitter

5. Add it up.

It’s simple math, guy.

6. It is, once again, the same thing.

But we’ll make you what you want anyway.

7. We get it—we have a sweet tooth too.

But just because a restaurant has one dessert doesn’t mean it has all the desserts ever created.

8. Is this a riddle?

Or do you just not know what you said?

9. But that’s what you ordered.

Sometimes you have to tell them what they want to hear.

10. Okay, we’ll cut ten then.

But it’s still the same size as it would be with 8.

We feel for folks in the food service industry, and we’ll do our best not to ever be these people.

If you work with food, tell us some tales of worst customers you’ve ever encountered in the comments below!