Ford Creates a Noise-Cancelling Kennel Prototype to Protect Dogs from Fireworks Noise


It’s always very sad to see how upset and nervous dogs get while fireworks are blasting away on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve (and sometimes on other occasions depending on where you live).

The loud bangs can scare dogs badly and sometimes it seems like nothing will calm them back down. Well, hopefully that will change if/when this prototype noise-cancelling dog kennel from Ford hits the market.

The car company took noise-cancelling technology from their cars and put it into the dog kennel prototype. According to reports, “The kennel, like many high-end headphones, is outfitted with microphones that detect loud noises and cue the speakers to pipe in sound-canceling frequencies.” Ford says that noise is reduced to a level that ensures dogs won’t become upset.

For now, Ford’s people are saying that they built the kennel to show customers how the noise-cancelling technologies in their cars can be used in everyday life. But Anthony Ireson, director of marketing and communications for Ford Europe, said, “If there’s enough interest, we’ll explore the technology.”

It seems like a lot of people are really into the idea of buying this kind of kennel for their dogs.

We love our pets like family, so it’s only natural that a product designed to help ease their fears and anxiety would eventually hit the market.

Here’s a video showing the kennel in action.

Hopefully, this prototype will become available to the public to purchase sooner than later.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these for your pooch?

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