14 Forensic Investigators Share Stories About the Most Horrific Cases They’ve Ever Worked On

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I often think about whether I should have tried to become a forensic investigator because I’m so obsessed with crime, the criminal mind, and how the whole puzzle is put together to solve murders.

But, maybe it’s better that I just enjoy this subject from afar, because dealing with these kinds of atrocities on a daily basis would probably do some bad things to my psyche.

Here are some of the most interesting responses from AskReddit users, but be warned… some of these are VERY disturbing.

1. Absolutely awful.

“EMT. Not my call but my coworkers.

Get dispatched for vaginal bleeding. Arrive at the home to find a woman sitting in a pool of blood on her bedroom floor. Transport her to the hospital where the doc examines her. He asks where the baby is. What? He states this woman just had a baby. So they go back to the home with police and search the place. My coworker looks under the bed and sees a bowling ball bag. Opens the bag and finds the strangled dead baby.”

2. Brutal stories.

“I’m an expert in work related incidents, and am hired to investigate accidents and incidents for large cooperations.

Two children fell down an elevator shaft on a building project.

Employee of manufacturer in the Pharmaceutical industry got his arm ripped off by a powder centrifuge.

Retired person was fatally hit by the coupling of a compressed air-hose after the hose broke.”

3. Like a horror movie.

“Had a father of two children, chop up his wife in the house, while the kids were upstairs before sending a text to the mothers parents saying ‘I killed your daughter, call the police’, before going to the garage and hanging himself.”

4. WTF. OMG.

“We had an elderly couple that was a murder suicide, more a mutual suicide, that were found frozen under a foot of nearly perfectly clear ice.

Also a family that all except the mother drowned in a kayaking accident.”

5. A local drifter.

“A model house for a new subdivision was busy with 4 people (3 women and 1 man) running sales. So the model house was the first on the street with signs everywhere saying “Come on in!” etc and people could tour the model home then possibly sign up to build a house in the subdivision.

A local well known drifter had been watching the house for the days. Ended up taking all 4 hostage. Raped several of the women and killed them all with blunt force trauma. He had entered with an old gun but that didnt stop him from making things awful for these people’s deaths.

Ultimately the man was taken down by a swat team after a solid day stand off. The case was kinda high profile so they moved the trial 3 hours away. I had seen lots of terrible things in my time at this DA’s office but this crime was particularly brutal and upsetting. Apparently he had been watching the model house because of one woman in particular he was basically stalking. He had been regarded as a harmless man usually just looking for some change around town but the cruelty and brutality he exhibited that day was haunting.”

6. Incredibly disturbing.

“Had a paranoid schizophrenic male who forced his elderly mother to eat rocks, and I mean a sh*tload of rocks, to the point where she died.

He told Police that he was feeding her rocks to weigh her down so God couldn’t take her yet.”

7. What is wrong with people?

“I was working a case of what was thought to be a b&e, and the homeowner killed them in self defence, the person killed was a 16 year old boy. The case was about to be shut but the lead said to have the body examined for other trauma. Then found semen in the boys rectum, and a few days later a neighbor sent in a video from a ring doorbell, showing the man dragging a body.

The boy had been raped and then killed, then dragged into his house to make it look like he was acting in self defence. His brother then commited suicide around 2 weeks later. And the mom had to be taken to a mental institute as she was suicidal as well.”

8. Prowling the city.

“I had one case where a mentally ill guy killed his ex wife and was driving around school to school in the city looking for his kids to kill then kill himself.

He didn’t know which schools his kids attended and there are many in the city. My girlfriend is a city school teacher. When I learned this was happening I called her and told her to lock everything.

I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

9. Think about it a lot…

“I do fire investigation and one that stuck with me was a likely mentally disturbed girl started “speaking to god” at the dinner table and then that night lit her room on fire with her in it.

I think about that one a lot.”

10. That is intense.

“Used to work in the field. Craziest was a chap who tied a steel cable to a tree, then through his car window, secured it around his neck, then floored the car. Cable ran out of slack and, well, ‘pop!’.

Always amazed me how clean it came right off, decapitations are normally pretty messy but this guy’s creativity led to a fairly clean, instant, and memorable death for those who worked his case.

Oh and also toxic megacolon, Google image search that, just not during dinner. Just imagine dying of a 20kg turd stuck in your guts! Was like delivering the world’s worst baby when we pulled it out during the PM!”

11. A case of arson.

“Long story short: Arson case.

Two kids die. Lady who started the fire also lived in the house but got kicked out by the owners for whatever reason. She had a previous felony arson charge. They found her a few days later living with her boyfriend in a tent with multiple gas cans. She was arrested and released with charges completely dropped. That’s when I realized 1.) how fucked our judicial system truly is and 2.) I didn’t want to investigate homicides anymore.”

12. Drunk driving.

“I was on the scene of a crash where a drunk mother went of the highway, into the central median which was basically a ditch. She hit a support column for a bridge and her two daughters, 6 and 8, were ejected. The 6yr old was dead on the scene and the 8yr old died in the helicopter on way to the hospital. Mom lived, of course.

The impact was so hard that I was standing about 300 yards away with the car’s battery at my feet. When dad found out, he attempted to attack mom in the hospital. Unfortunately, police were there to clear her to go to jail and stopped the dad.”

13. Uggghhhh. Nasty stuff.

“Client committed suicide by connecting zip ties around neck and pulling. Frantic scratch marks indicated they regretted the action but could not cut the zip ties due to sharps restriction. Sharps restriction enforced due to recent morbid self mutilation.

Claw marks on neck and lack of oxygen to the brain was the saddest ive ever seen. The inability to say the individual died on their own terms is often the only bright side to any type of suicide i deal with.”

14. A rookie on the job.

“Rookie police Officer here…

It was my first full year on the streets and morning roll call just broke and I got into my patrol car n started to get myself situated for the day when a call comes over the radio for a “person with a weapon” which is a fairly common call in my area of patrol, so you never really know what you’re gonna get.

So I get to the address that radio gave me and get out of my car n start going towards the property where the call came from when another patrol car shows up n meets me at the door, but it’s locked.

So we start knocking very loud and hear a young woman crying and screaming and she eventually opens the door and shouts “upstairs THIRD floor!” And points up the stairs. So we don’t have any information wether it’s a gun/knife/bat or anything so we draw our firearms and start up the stairs.

I was the first inside the third floor and all the lights were out n it was still dark outside so I draw my flash light and start making my way around bends and turns of that floor when I see some lady sitting in the couch, n I say “ma’am, where is he at?” As I cross in front of her with my flashlight and clearing the rest of the room when the cop behind me put his light on the lady n sees she has a 12” knife in the center of her chest…

Turns out the woman was smoking PCP the night before and stabbed herself in the chest, what’s weird about it was that she was sitting up right with her eyes open n her head straight. Then we looked at the floor and it was COVERED in blood. So after stabbing herself square in the chest she walked around a little bit before sitting down on the coach and passing away.

Stay away from drugs…”

Spooky stuff, that’s for sure. As someone who is pretty obsessed with true crime, I could read these responses all day.

What about you? Does this stuff fascinate you or creep you out? Maybe both?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments.