Former Executive Of One Of The Biggest US Health Insurance Companies Shares How They Lie And Trap People

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In 2010, the Affordable Care Act – often referred to as the ACA, but also known as Obamacare – became law. It not only got millions of people health insurance, but it also made that insurance more affordable to consumers.


According to former VP of CIGNA Wendell Potter, it’s not quite so straightforward. And we’ve got good reason to believe him – the insurancer’s former VP now considers himself a whistleblower against the industry.

It may seem strange that someone would go against the company they once worked for, but Potter has good reasons to take his stand. Medical debt and bankruptcy is an enormous problem in the United States, and the ACA hasn’t really helped.

The ACA was supposed to decrease the cost of health insurance and, eventually, medical debt. Unfortunately, a February 2019 study shows that levels of medical bankruptcy stayed roughly the same despite the reforms.

Here’s what Potter wrote about the subject.

As Potter explains it, the industry had to redefine “choice.”

He goes on to explain how health insurance companies manipulated perceptions of choice.

Potter explained how employer-based insurance really works.

Next, he admitted that the industry used gaslighting techniques.

Then he exposed some campaigns used to sell “choice.”

And there’s more.

He also explains why things are different now.

Then, Potter discusses one reason Medicare For All would work better for the public.

The last tweet provides useful guidance.

Whew! That’s a lot of great (though disheartening) information for anyone who wants to understand why the US healthcare industry runs the way it does.

What it comes down to, like always, is money.

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