‘Fortnite’ Is Now Officially a High School and College Sport


Are my fellow nerds out there listening? Good, let’s get started.

Every single time I talk to a younger kid (and some adults), they’re playing or discussing Fortnite, the incredibly popular video game that people just can’t seem to get enough of.

Well, here is some good (and kind of surprising) news about that game: Fortnite is set to officially become a sport in high school and college. A startup company called PlayVS has teamed up with Epic Games to make this competitive gaming a reality. So far, more than 13,000 schools across the country have joined the waiting list to be included in the varsity esports program.

Let me say that again: varsity esports.

Here’s how it is set to work: just like other sports, schools will play in conferences against other schools. Two players will make up each team and a coach must be present. Players are allowed to use any device they’d like.

Delane Parnell, founder and CEO of PlayVS, said, “Millions of people are already playing Fortnite – it’s become a part of culture. We hope adding the title to our game lineup and expanding platform access to colleges inspires the gamer in everyone to get involved in their school’s programs.”

The official season kicks off on March 2. Registration goes until February 17 for high schoolers and February 26 for college kids. There will be a playoffs and championships will take place in May

So, what do you think? Are you gonna do it! Why not! Sounds like fun!