Four Colors That Could Help You Avoid Mosquito Bites

Despite the rising temperatures, most of us won’t argue that there’s something special about summer. Even once you’re past the days of breaks and freedom, the warmth of the sun, the slap of the water, the smell of chlorine, the sounds of a summer night – they’re pretty great, right?

What’s not so great is the bite of the mosquito, which often can’t be avoided if you’re out enjoying all the rest of it.

Here’s the thing, though – science says you might be able to lessen your chances of being bitten by the tiny pest if you wear one of these four colors.

4. Blue

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Mosquitos don’t particularly like blue, but the darker it is, the more it will absorb heat and attract them anyway.

Lighter shades should decrease their interest in you.

3. Green

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Covering your skin, which gives off a red hue that attracts mosquitoes, with something green was shown during tests to encourage the pests to fly right on past without stopping.

2. Violet

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With the shortest wavelength of any color on the visible light spectrum, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t spark much interest among mosquitoes.

It’s the exact opposite of orange and red, some of their favorite hues.

1. White

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When provided with white along with colors that were more preferable, mosquitoes showed no interest in the control of white and gravitated toward darker hues instead.

Well, I say it’s worth a try, right? Anything to avoid the itches!

Interestingly, the colors that attract those nasty little pests are red, orange, black, and cyan (between green and blue on the light spectrum), so you’ll definitely want to avoid those.

You’ll also want to empty standing water, keep your grass cut short, and use a fan when gathering outdoors.

Do you have a trick for avoiding mosquito bites? Tell us about it in the comments!