Frog Bread Is the Hottest New Baking Trend You Have to Try

With so much free time on their hands lately, people have been delving into new hobbies — cycling, mushroom foraging and macrame, just to name a few.

Baking is also having a moment, especially intricately designed loaves of bread that look like frogs.

It’s not totally clear exactly why bread in the shape of frogs is suddenly captivating everyone’s attention (why not snails or snakes?), but it is — and the results are fantastic.

Here’s a really well-done example of frog bread — look at that level of detail!

And here’s one that didn’t quite pan out as planned but still tasted delicious nonetheless:

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Finally caved to a social media challenge. This is Toadbert, he's delicious! #frogbread

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This one seems to have deflated a bit in the oven:

And here’s one that might actually be a toad, based on all the warts:

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Полина @_paulinbond_ испекла нам #хлебнаяжаба #frogbread. Что дальше?

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And this one appears to have a little turtle friend in tow:

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It’s more like an abstract of a frog… #childatheart #frogbread #bread #baking #westchesterbreakfastclub

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Even cats appreciate a good frog bread every now and then:

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У вас дома есть жаба? У меня целых две 🤣 Так вот, хлебные жабы атаковали мир из TikTok, когда люди на карантине задумались, что муки и времени – навалом, а делать что-то надо. И вот извольте, замутили #frogbread : не больше 5 ингредиентов, самый экзотичный из которых – изюмины для глаз, а лепить можно, кто во что горазд. Это забавно, тк тесто дрожжевое, и как раскосоёбит вашу красавицу в печке, заранее представить нельзя. Мою раскурлычило так, что я до сих пор ржу, но в божеский вид можно привести и жабьего монстра – или я не доктор Франкенштейн? 🤣🤣 В общем, эта подруга подарила мне массу положительных эмоций и создала, так сказать, ценные воспоминания. Посему рекомендую сей челлендж всем, кто хочет не только сотворить нечто прекрасное, но и не дурак пожрать 😉

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This one is a little frog royalty:

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И чего только не сделаешь на самоизоляции… Например, хлебожабу с повидлом 🙂 #хлебожаба #frogbread #сидимдома #выпечка #лягушка #covid19

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And a frog peanut butter and banana sandwich — yum!

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Frog bread = cute sandwiches. One for dinner and one for breakfast. #frogbread #sandwich #yum #freshbread

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This one even has a tinge of green:

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Joining in with the frog bread trend. #lockdownbaking #baking #bread #frog #frogbread

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Hmmm, something feels off with this one:

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And these two are made from brioche, which is delicious:

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frög time #frogbread #briochebun #baking

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This one? Perfection!

These guys are a bit … wonky:

And actually some bakers did branch out, like this one who tried to make a snake but ended up making bread shaped like poo. Yikes:

Want to try making frog bread yourself? One of the most popular recipes circulating the internet is this one from a 2005 blog post from The Fresh Loaf. The recipe is more than 15 years old, but apparently frog bread is timeless! An instant classic, you might say.

What’s your favorite way to kill time these days? Any new hobbies or activities?

Let us know in the comments!