12 Funny Memes That Sum up 2020 So Far

When we all look back on 2020, a few things are going to be embedded in our minds: reusable masks. Toilet paper. Memes.

After all, having a sense of humor is one of the best ways to keep your head up in trying times.

Even though this year has been overwhelming, it’s also inspired the internet like no year before it. These 12 2020 memes are truly slap-your-knee funny.

1. This is the year that will never end…

…it goes on and on, my friend.

2. Meet the newest Trump child!

She’s a real charmer.

3. We’re all revolutionaries now.

Who even knows what the next few months will bring?

4. Where did the murder hornets go?!

Are they still part of the plot? These poor kids. The only thing worse than living through 2020 might be having to make sense of it thirty years later.

5. See what y’all did now?

Paging Agent Mulder: there’s a situation underfoot here.

6. What could go wrong?

Welcome, ghost brethren. Don’t worry, if everyone budges up we can make room for you.

7. *Glares suspiciously*

Does this mean we get dragons? Please?

8. It looks so cute and everything!

All until it stabs you right in the eye.

9. Just close your eyes and click one!

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

10. At least we all made it together.

March 2020 will truly live in infamy.

11. There’s always a way.

You know what they say about kids: they’re resilient.

12. Good luck with that midterm!

It’s definitely going to be something special.

Listen, team: if we stick together, we can make it through 2020. I just know it.

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