13 Memes for a World Gone Mad

Source: @EdWiley on Twitter

A lot of people would be perfectly willing to go on the record as saying that 2020 is pretty much the worst year ever.

Between a global plague, the threat of murder hornets, and a huge Saharan dust cloud that just showed up for no good reason… it’s not hard to see why.

If there’s one thing that can get us through these dark times, it’s hilarious 2020 memes. Here are a few that are sure to put you in a good mood today.

1. We almost all have a full card!

And it’s only July.

2. Ain’t that the truth.

Will any of us ever travel again?

3. Remember that quaint documentary?

January 2020 was really a simpler time.

4. Every body is a beach body!

(There’s always next year.)

5. The bravest among us must now lead.

It’s good to have a friend these days.

6. The accuracy is astounding.

What flavor of toothpaste is that? It’s important.

7. If we have to suffer, so do they.

It’s important for their character development!

8. Anyone selling tin foil hats on Etsy?

Maybe someone could snag a few.

9. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Does anyone even want to know how it’s going to end anymore?

10. Cut it out, guys!

Seriously. Someone’s going to get hurt!

11. Oh, just that again.

You’d think they’d mix it up a little, just to keep it fresh.

12. The highs and lows have been weird.

Remember her? That was definitely a moment.

13. On second thought, you’ve got this.

You’re on your own!

Those history classes are going to be no joke, huh?

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