12 Times Neighbors Definitely Hated Each Other

Of all the relationships you can have, the ones you have with the people who live near you can definitely be… interesting.

It’s just so tricky to be surrounded by other people against your will.

For every neighbor who is amazing to have nearby, there are probably at least five that are less than desirable.

In fact, some are downright awful — so awful that there’s even an Instagram account devoted to documenting their behavior.

Here are 12 times neighbors definitely hated each other. Hopefully, this will make you feel a little better about that guy downstairs who always turns up his bass around midnight.

1. What else are you gonna do with them?

You’ll make it.


2. Lisa, let me live!

Figure it out.


3. Well, okay then.

Maybe… someone should do something about this guy.


4. TMI is a thing, bro.

Everyone would like to be excluded from this narrative.


5. Try Mother Nature?

Good luck!


6. Not any that she’ll admit now!

Try visiting the frozen food aisle once in a while.


7. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Get that haircut!


8. Phone calls are so over.

What’s wrong with you?!


9. Yeah, no.

Her body is just fine without you, thanks.


10. That’s a little harsh.

Maybe it’s just what he likes?


11. It didn’t have to end like this.

Yeah, Alan.


12. Is that sexual harassment?

Not so sure you want to commit that to writing.


Now, then… don’t you feel better about the pesky neighbors in your own life?

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