Funny Cooking and Baking Fails That Might Make You Cringe

The older I get, the more thankful I am that I had jobs in my teens and twenties when I worked in kitchens and was “thrown into the fire”, so to speak.

I’m not a master chef by any stretch of the imagination but I learned a lot by just doing the work and watching the people around me who were

The people you’re about to see? Not so much…

I have a feeling that some of them may have never set foot in a kitchen before they tried to make these dishes…that’s just a hunch…because you’re about to see some big-time FAILS.

Let’s see what these folks cooked up. And try not to cringe too much, okay?

1. Well, you failed…

Don’t try that again!

We tried to make "Ladybug Rolls." from ExpectationVsReality

2. This is just too much…

And it’s also totally X-Rated. Kids, close your eyes!

3. This dish is thousands of years old…

It’s living history, kids!

Tonight was foreign culture night in my house so I decided to cook a traditional dish from Pompeii from funny

4. You probably shouldn’t drink that.

You might get sick…

Husband tried to make a dolphin for my cocktail. It’s the cutest eel I’ve ever seen. from ExpectationVsReality

5. Oh, there it is.

I was wondering where that went…

….Found the spoon honey from funny

6. Looks like she did a bang-up job.

Good job, sis!

My sister made some french fries from pics

7. That’s not good.

Better luck next time?

I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal for her birthday, so I started with a slow-cooked home made chicken stock. After simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer. God damnit. from facepalm

8. That thing looks deadly.

You are now a ninja.

My apple broke the apple cutter and now I have a weapon. from funny

9. It was a good effort.

But the result was…well, see for yourself.

10. What am I looking at here?

This looks very dangerous.

Tried cooking a sweet potato in my new air fryer today… from Wellthatsucks

11. Let’s try that again.

Move it on over!

This sums up my day. Why isn’t my stock simmering…it’s been over an hour… from Wellthatsucks

How about you?

Have you had any epic baking or cooking fails in the kitchen lately?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments. Thanks in advance!