Hilarious Tweets About the Trials and Tribulations of Parenting

Oh, parents, are you ever gonna get a break this year?

It sure doesn’t seem like it, does it? The pandemic is still raging and, depending on where you live, you’ve been back and forth between going to school and having your kids learn from home that you probably feel like a human yo-yo at this point.

Well, we want you to take your minds off of things for a few minutes and enjoy these hilarious and accurate tweets written by your fellow moms and dads.

Hey, you’re not alone, okay! So sit back and have a few laughs!

1. This is a whole new level.

It’s intense, isn’t it?

2. Hey, great job!

You’ll get it right next time. Hopefully…

3. They’re all like this, aren’t they?

How many shoes must we lose…?

4. No, not like that!

I swear, I’m a good parent!

5. That’s not nice.

You need to school this kid with some manners.

6. Here, take this and eat it.

Is that getting old yet?

7. You can do that and not feel bad about it.

You need to maintain your sanity somehow.

8. Those are really terrifying!

Spooky stuff!

9. You did what?!?!

Oh, here we go again.

10. It’s like a petri dish in that house.

Germ City, USA.

11. Sounds like fun!

Keep up the great work!

12. She was just trying to help!

Well, I guess you blew it.

Oh, boy…

Parents got it pretty rough out there, don’t they…?

And now we want to hear your stories!

In the comments, tell us how everything has been going in your home with your kiddos lately! We can’t wait to hear from you!