Funny Parenting Tweets for All the Moms and Dads Out There

Hey, moms and dads…are you stuck in a bit of a rut lately?

Feeling a little bit down in the dumps because of the never-ending Hellscape that is the year 2020?

Well, we want to change that right now! It’s our mission to bring a little bit of sunshine to your life today and we’re going to do it with funny tweets written by parents from all across the universe.

You want them, you need them, and you’ve been missing them in a major way. And we’re such people-pleasers that we compiled this hilarious group of tweets so you can enjoy a little “turning of the frown upside down” action.

You ready to have some chuckles? Let’s get it started now!

1. I can’t wait to see this kid in action!

The old man is rubbing off on the little one.

2. Keep the violence to a minimum.

That’s very important for children.

3. This kid is clearly brilliant.

She has a bright future!

4. I’ll tell you how you can scare me for real.

Go disappear for a while.

5. I get this sometimes, too.

It’s only natural.

6. Just keep it down.

And you can do whatever you want!

7. Sounds like a plan!

Hey, take this idea and run with it while you can.

8. This is gonna take a while.

Every day!

9. It’s a lot of fun!

Actually, never mind. Don’t do this.

10. Your child is possessed.

Beware of your demon seed.

11. I think it’s probably C.

Did I guess correctly?

12. Things just got a whole lot worse.

This is really not good.

13. It’s time for a talk.

Let’s talk about our changing bodies.

Okay parents, now we want to hear from all of you.

In the comments, tell us how your little angels have been behaving lately.

Don’t hold back now! Thanks!