Funny “Only in L.A.” Tweets About Living in Los Angeles

©Unsplash,Henning Witzel

I love Los Angeles!

No, I have never lived there, but I really enjoy visiting and spending time there. The weather, the beaches, the food, the pop culture surrounding you on every single side. But there’s also the weirdness and seediness of Hollywood and the plastic illusion of a lot of it, as well. Still, it’s a fascinating place (to me, at least) and I can’t wait to go back!

Here are some funny tweets from folks who actually LIVE in Los Angeles. And they’re telling it like it is.

1. He’s using a scooter.

How’s that for some Spidey-sense?!?!

2. We should all get these kinds of updates, no matter where we live.

But I have a feeling it’s much more prevalent out there…

3. Right next to Spencer’s Gifts?

This actually kind of makes me sad.

4. Are you in the industry?

It seems like they all are…

5. But who will I go with?

A tragedy of epic proportions.


6. Not robbing the cradle…for now…

Imagine dating someone your own age?!?!

7. At least you’re honest.

Have you driven in Florida, though?


8. Why are you driving so slow?

This would get very old, very fast.


9. It’s not gonna happen!

A daily power struggle on the road.

10. Hey, celebs are just like us!

Kind of…well, maybe not really…


11. “Do not look them in the eye.”

That is some serious L.A. shit right there.


12. Oh, you mean Leo?

We go wayyyyy back!

13. They don’t know how to deal with rain.

But they complain when they don’t get it…funny how that works.


Maybe I need to spend more time in L.A. so I can dig around a little bit.

Now we want to hear from more people who live in Los Angeles. In the comments, tell us what you think about living there.

What do love about it? What do you hate about it? Tell us EVERYTHING!