12 Memes Custom Made for Gen X

Source: @notalogin on Twitter

Generation X is often forgotten, like there are no  people in the world between Boomers and Millennials…maybe because we don’t react at all as they claw at each other above our heads.

We can’t be bothered to get into other people’s problems, you see, because we’re busy minding our business and taking care of our families.

If that’s you, these 12 memes are for you, too.

12. Han Solo is the ultimate Gen Xer.

He’s also the ultimate Aries, but that’s a different post.

11. It is what it is.

And no, we’re not sorry.

10. Seriously, we hate you.

Even while we’re smiling for pictures. ESPECIALLY then.

9. It’s all fanny packs, all the time.

We used to make fun of those so hard.

8. A visual of why we’re the actual best.

No one is quoting those other two weirdos forever.

7. The original hipsters.

You just forget about us.

6. It turned out it wasn’t a lasting skill.


5. It’s all we need to make us happy!

Though I think we can agree that avocado toast is objectively delicious.

4. Does a single image get more apropos?

I think not.

3. We’ve all agreed.

Silently, in our own homes.

2. A lasting meme.

A lasting group of personalities.

1. We have no interest in your issues.

Also, we’re not big fans of name calling.

Bang on, right?

What’s your favorite Gen X meme? Share it with us in the comments!