George R.R. Martin Might Be Finishing The ‘Game of Thrones’ Book Series

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I’m not going to claim to be the longest suffering of Game of Thrones fans. There are people out there who have been waiting literal decade to find out how the Song of Ice and Fire books are going to end, and while I have read all of the ones available currently, it’s only been about 5 years since I finished book 5.

Like many fans, I have given up hope that the books will ever come to a conclusion, especially since Martin now has a) tons of money from the HBO series and b) the television series already gave the story an ending.


But… a light at the end of the endless tunnel, perhaps?

Now that Martin has as much time on his hands as the rest of us do (or most of us, anyway), he’s hinting that perhaps he might use that time to actually, you know…write books again.

On March 17th, George R.R. Martin posted an update on his blog, detailing how his many enterprises are handling the coronavirus outbreak.

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He’s shutting things down out of an abundance of caution, even though his businesses aren’t huge.

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If you want a reason to love him, even though he’s not finishing these books, he’s still paying employees.

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Oh, and if you want signed books – he’s still got those coming out to you!

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As for the author himself, he’s holed up on an island with a single support person who is running errands – all while GRRM spends time in Westeros.

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Where things are still grim (obviously), but where we’re mostly all hoping things turn out differently than they did in the HBO version.

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Because that was not the best.

Like me, most fans have their doubts as to whether or not these books will ever actually find their way into reader’s hands.

That said, we always have hope, I guess.

And that’s something we surely didn’t think the coronavirus was going to give us.