Get Inspired To Spoil Your Dog With These 14 “Barkuterie” Boards

Charcuterie is the biggest, bougiest thing to hit the dinner party and picnic circuit in recent memory – though personally, I think it’s just lazy cooking to cut up some meat, cheese, and crackers and call it a meal.

Maybe some veggies and fruit, too, if you’re feeling healthy.

That said, I don’t mind at all when people take an idea and bring it to the dogs – so these 14 images of people’s “barkuterie” boards are honestly making my day.

14. They’re going to just snuffle that into a mess.

I guess that’s sort of the point.


13. Give that dog her dinner!

That bow is amazing, as is the fact that she’s wearing it.


12. She spelled his name.

In food. That is all.


11. Her paw on the table.

I love her so much.


10. Sweet treats.

Doggos like to eat their feelings, too.


9. They’re dressed for dinner.

Must be Southern dogs.


8. This has to be professional.

Can you imagine spending hours making cucumber roses for a dog?


7. It looks so healthy.

But a little skimpy, Ma.


6. My toddler would totally eat that.

Maybe he and the dog could have a smackdown over it.


5. Now THAT is a party tray.

Does he have guests or is it all for him?


4. Get it delivered!

If you’re fancy and live in Miami.


3. The little dish is so extra.

I am here for it, let me tell you.


2. Look at that good boi posing for a picture.

My dog would be diving right in.


1. Look at all of those options!

Treat yoself!


Ok, truth time. I’m way too lazy to do all of this for people OR my dogs.

How about you? Are you going to give “barkuterie” a shot? Tell us in the comments!