Get the Tissues Ready and Read This Woman’s Touching Obituary for Her Dog

Image Credit: Instagram

People who have loved – and lost – a dog know our pets are family. When they pass, we grieve, and the process can be just as intense, and last just as long, as the one that follows the loss of a human companion. Dogs are pure, their love is unconditional, we know we don’t deserve them, and we know going in that losing them is going to break our hearts.

We love them anyway, because who on earth who has had a dog could possibly do anything else?

Which is all to say that, if you’ve had to say goodbye to a beloved furbaby at some point, you’re going to need some tissues to read through this woman’s touching obituary for her pup – but you won’t regret it.

It was penned by South Carolinian Sallie Gregory Hammett after she lost Charlie, her golden retriever, as a way to help herself out of her grief.

Image Credit: Twitter

Now that I’ve stopped crying, let’s read some people’s responses, so we can all start again.

People responded with images of their pooches still here.

People who have lost their dear ones, and can commiserate.

Others who are sure their dogs were there to greet Charlie on the other side.

And some who are sure their dogs weren’t, but can definitely identify with the pain.

Her post has been read over 115K times, which is all the proof we need that dog people are the best people.

If you love a pup, you’re not alone – when the time comes to say goodbye, you’ve got shoulders to lean on all over the world.