Girl’s Mask Is Attached to Her Earring in Piercing Mishap

Photo credit: TikTok

Getting your ears pierced is a rite of passage for many teens, but getting your ears pierced during a pandemic sounds like nothing short of a nightmare. Just ask 16-year-old Sissy Sheridan.

The Tik Tok teen and Nickelodeon actress shared a distressing video of her piercing with the online community. As she choked back sobs, she said that an employee at Icing by Claire’s in Sterling, Virginia, near her home, pierced her face mask to her ear.

@itssissysheridanmoral of the story. don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic

♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

Sissy and her mom tried to get the mask out by cutting a good portion of the string away, but were unable to get it all removed. Claire’s said it would honor her request for a full refund, if she brought the earrings back.

When she went for her appointment, she made sure to wear two masks a precaution and didn’t feel the string as it went in. In fact, she didn’t notice that the mask was stuck until she tried to remove it as she and her mom drove home. That’s when she became hysterical.

@itssissysheridanwhere it all went wrong❤️ (the first ear was the one she pierced my mask to)

♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

The next day, a much calmer Sissy told Tik Tok viewers that she saw the humor in her situation, although it initially scared her.

@itssissysheridanEAR PIERCING UPDATE 👂 💍

♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

She and her mom were also finally able to get the remainder of the mask off by “folding her ears forward.” She still had to wait a few days to remove the earring as it was too swollen, and she was still in a lot pain.

There’s no word on any other piercings in Sissy’s future—at least during the pandemic.

Have you ever had a piercings that didn’t go like you though it should? Share your stories below!